Black Swan

The anticipation for this film was immense just like the wait in line before the movie. Any time I hear Darren Arronofsky is making something new I become instantly intrigued and have to get as many details about his new project until the day I go and see the film. Black Swan was no different. From the moment the cast was announced to the first time I saw the trailer I was dying to see this movie. (I'd like to voice my apologies now for all who had to put up with me hyping up this movie for the past few months).

Black Swan is a beautiful movie and im not just saying that because Natalie Portman and Mila Kuniz are super babes. This movie is a piece of art because of the outstanding performances by the entire cast. Portman does an incredible job releasing the "black swan" by starting off as a cute innocent girl then proceeds to transform into one of the most twisted female roles I've seen in a while. I'm not a huge fan of Mila Kuniz but she is spectacular in this film and really gets under your skin. Vincent Cassel's character is very dynamic, he keeps you thinking he is a pervert, leading our protagonist down the wrong path. BUT one must question if he actually was the only support and motivation that Portman's character had. Either way when I was watching this film there were many times the audience laughed at things he was saying and I'm not sure if it was what Arronosky was intending to be interpreted as comic relief.

Pervert or genius???

I really enjoyed the symbolism throughout the entire movie, from the emphasis on colours in the film to the incredible score, this movie made you feel alone,depressed, and psychotic without the use of dialogue. Arronofsky did an amazing job of using everyday life experiences to display the loneliness of Portman's character. For example; you know those moments when you're walking alone and you see someone you think you know and you don't want to make small talk with but there's no other way to avoid it and you're going to have to pass them. But by the time you get close to them you find out its a complete stranger!? Or how about the feeling of standing in front of a group of people and being able to hear one single person laughing at you? I thought these feelings were perfectly executed in a great Darren Arronofsky style.
Initially I thought I wouldn't really enjoy all the ballet in this movie but I actually enjoyed it and gave me a completely different view on the art of ballet. Now I believe all ballerinas are all bulimic, self mutilating, crazies hahaha. As I mentioned, before the score of this film was beautiful which probably made all the dancing a little more tolerable.

I guess I've gone on long enough about what I enjoyed about this movie. There are in fact a  few things I didn't really like. I found this movie very similar to the wrestler just instead of a hideous, worn out  grocer it was a super cute ballet dancer. They were both two characters that were alone and super depressed. Both digging themselves holes deeper than they could crawl out of and putting themselves in situations where they didn't belong. I was also expecting  a "Requiem For a Dream" style out of this movie, being extremely graphic and really intense. Although it wasn't as crazy as Requiem some parts of me are actually thanking Arronofsky, cause lets be honest Requiem got a little too intense for even the biggest weirdo to watch. Black Swan did have its moments don't get me wrong and I do remember my heart racing for like fifteen minutes straight out of complete discomfort.
I have a feeling people may like Black Swan a bit more...

This is something I would definitely watch again, this was going through my mind the entire time I watched it. To score this movie I would have to give it a big four out of five. I saw it on a Friday and it took me all weekend to gather my thoughts and actually get down to writing this. I have been telling everyone to go check the movie out since the first time I saw the trailer and I still encourage everyone to go see it.
Hope all is well

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