Due Date

AKA Planes, Trains, and Automobiles The Shitty Remake.

Warning: Reading this will make you think why would  I ever go see this movie in the first place.

When I first saw a trailer for this film I thought it looked so stupid and looked like Zach Galifinakis has completely given up on his talent and decided to be a type-cast buddy comedy goofball. Also I've never been a big Robert Downey Jr. fan so having him made this film less appealing for me. I don't understand the big deal over Robert Downey I just don't see this amazing performer that everyone has been seeing lately. Like is it really hard to play an ever wealthier version of yourself and put on an iron suit? Is it oscar worthy for a Caucasian to act black in a comedy? Honestly what is the big deal about Robert Downey? Either way back to the review so basically I saw a few more trailers had some laughs and thought you know what maybe I will go check this out typically I enjoy Todd Phillips movies and have always been a fan of Galifinakis. So right before I was about to buy my ticket I was thinking hmmmm maybe I should just go see Jackass again.... But snagged a ticket for Due Date and wasted a good hour and 30 mins of my life.

So if you've seen the trailer for this movie... well then you've seen every funny part and you know basically what the entire plot is more or less. Don't you hate when that happens you see a couple trailers and it totally kills the movie. Aren't the people who make these trailers thinking at all. Like hey why not leave a couple of jokes so the audience isn't expecting more laughs than we are offering. Or how about we don't reveal the entire plot in a two minute trailer. I think its soo silly and don't understand how they are completely clueless that they are ruining the film for the people they are selling it to. For example and I know I'm getting a little off track her but check out this trailer for The Black Swan which reveals nothing about the plot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jaI1XOB-bs. I know I know What in the fuck is going on in that but it looks soo bad ass and I'm soo going to see this movie. Sorry I just don't know what else to say about Due Date other than it was killed from the get go.

So I get the feeling you already know how I feel about the plot of this film... Stolen from a great movie with a great cast. If you haven't seen Planes , Trains, and Automobiles stop reading this and go buy it and if you see Due Date instead well what can I say.. you deserve it. I guess I could talk about the cast but you already know how I feel about RDJ. I really think he was an awful choice for this film sure hes been on SNL before but I don't think this guy has a funny bone left he acts the same as he does in Ironman and just bores the heck outta me. In terms of Galifinakis I feel bad for the guy when he does roles like this. He doesn't enjoy doing big budget films and I'm sure he doesn't enjoy playing the same character over and over again. But can you blame the guy a pay cheque is a pay cheque especially when it's a huge one. This is extremely type cast and just banking in on his amazing role in The Hangover. I wish he didn't do this movie but for the sake of this movie there was no one else to cast. Galifinakis is incredible at what he does and just looking at him can make anyone crack up.
What are you a girl or somethin'

So I'm going to give this one of my lowest scores ever a greasy 2 out of 5 and there's no way I want to watch this again. I would rather spend four hours watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles followed by The Hangover than have to sit through Due Date again. Also fun fact the moment I got out of this I looked at my friend and said we should've seen Jackass again. So take my advice if your going to buy a ticket to see Due Date... walk into another movie. haha. Oh and remember Robert Downey Jr. is not cool!

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