Jackass 3-D

                                                    PLEASE PUT ON YOUR 3-D GLASSES

First things first I am a huge sucker for anything 3-D. So when I heard the guys from Jackass were making a third movie and it was going to be in the 3-D....mega stoked. I must say though originally my thoughts were does a Jackass movie really need to be in 3-D? The answer is YES the element of 3-D makes the stunts soo much more in your face and way more repulsive. The entire cast has returned some with way new attitudes but they are still up to the same antics.

I still cant believe these guys still do all this crazy shit and no one has died yet. The stunts in this film range from painful to extremely vulgar. What do you expect really? Although the cast is the same and many of them are still just as wild and silly my favorite "Jackass" Steve-o has completely changed for the worse. I'm all for quitting drugs and alcohol but when you're a star in the Jackass series what the hell is the point? I admired Steve-o for how intense he was and how he always looked to push the limits in terms of substance abuse and pain. In this film the wind was taken out of my 'Steve-o sails immediately" during Steve-o's first stunt when he smiles with his brand new set of teeth and says "Why do I have to be Steve-o". Steve-o should not have a good set of teeth and should be glad hes Steve-o and about to get hit in the nuts for a bigger pay cheque than I will ever see. I know that I sound completely ridiculous I don't think all humans should be drunk addicted alcoholics but I'm talking Steve-o here who isn't a normal human being and put out videos that prove this. As well one of them is even titled PCP Saved My Life and in this film Steve-o just experiments with the drugs and its a great watch. I guess I'm being kinda hard on the dude but he changed. Although he is still gets me to chuckle a bit regardless of his huge life change.
Last time Steve-o was cool

So if you are starting to get the idea that the rest of the fellas settled down you are completely wrong where Steve-o lacks he just makes way for others to shine. Steve-o's wildboy partner Chris Pontius is absolutely hilarious he seems to be the most energetic and always in the finest fashions. Bam Margera who I haven't been too fond of was a riot in the third film and shows no signs of settling down. Wee-man is always a treat and uses his size for laughs and it always kills. Take this as a spoiler if you may but there are some incredible midget gags in this film which is making it hard to type this just thinking about some of the stuff. Dave Englund is always a treat and shows that he still has the same bowel movements and still a whinny baby. Preston is very similar to Wee-man where his size makes for all the laughs and the combination of huge (Preston) and tiny (Wee-man) make for incredible comedy. Knoxville the King Jackass still reigns supreme. Still quick-witted and loves getting hit by bulls also shows no signs of age or slowing down.


Some people think the Jackass faucet has run dry but I think its still alive,hilarious, and still original. Sure some of the poo gags and Knoxville getting run over by bulls has been seen before but I don't know about you but I could see people get run over by bulls over and over. Also its not even the stunt usually that wins me over its the dumb nonsense coming from these characters mouths that really get me laughing. There are a few repeat stunts with a bit of a spin on them. For example they bring back the seniors and I won't tell you any more but Bad Grandpa might be of the better skits in the film. Some more of the most memorable stunts from this film are Electric Avenue where they race through an obstacle course of tazers and Lambo Tooth Pull where one characters tooth is pulled from a speeding Lambo with Bam in the driver seat. There are sooo many more great skits that make this film excellent for repeat watches just like Jackass 1 and 2. You won't be able to remember all of them after the first viewing because there is soo much and lots to easily forget.
Invisible Man

Jackass is great and I'm waiting for a forth with crossed fingers. I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 I really loved how it was in 3-D it threw the viewer right in the middle of the stunt. All the characters are hilarious and haven't changed... except for some mentioned above. They still have not lost their touch and I think there's still enough gas left in the Jackass tank to fuel another movie. This movie has to been seen in theatres so you can enjoy the 3-D experience like I'm not kidding this blows Avatar right out of the water for the best use of 3-D. I would 100% watch this movie again and again its hilarious.

P.S. Sorry Steve-o but you changed


  1. I have to say I wasn't all that impressed with the 3rd movie. There were definitely stunts that made me laugh out loud, but other than that I really don't think they could ever top Wild Boyz.
    Chris Pontius has always been the best out of the bunch. Even his laugh is the best. And words could not express how much of a tool I think Bam Margera is. Oh no! What is he going to do to his parents next?! Or when he throws a hissy fit for being put in a hole (he can climb out of) with mostly rubber snakes. C'mon! He PISSED on people. That's not funny; it's a total douche bag move.

    I donno, the movie gave off the vibe of "okay let's get this over with, suck it up so we can get paid a buttload again."

  2. although i really did enjoy it, it did feel kind of flat.