The Machinist.

Crazy old Christian Bale killing himself to make a good movie. Another movie I've heard so much about but never took the time to sit back and watch. If you were unaware of Christian Bale before he put on the bat suit this cat was starring in some awesome roles and basically putting his health and mind at risk to create these bizarre unforgettable characters. Before we go any further if you haven't seen Mr. Bale in American Psycho stop reading this silly nonsense and go check that out right now!
I will never listen to Huey Lewis and The News the same.

Well enough about how incredible American Psycho  is The Machinist is a predictable mind-bender if that makes any sense at all. While I was watching it I got a serious "Fight Club" feeling and just couldn't believe anything in the main character's life was actually real. Ok I guess I forgot to tell you Christian Bale plays a sleep deprived weirdo who works at some kind of metal foundry of some sort. Long story short some bad things start happening no one listens to Bale just think hes all kinds of crazy and weird and yeah you guess it... A big twist at the end! So obviously from the sounds of it I don't sound like I enjoyed this too much but I did what it lacked in plot it totally made up by the incredible performance and method acting courtesy of Christian Bale. Apparently he lost 63 pounds to play this part and he just looks like a skeleton. Eyes bulging and skin barely stretching over his decrepit looking body, Christian Bale resembles a starving insomniac to a "T".
Bruce Wayne!

Overall this is a rather entertaining flick with some unique ideas. As I was saying earlier its truly Bale's performance that really makes this worth watching. So to give this movie a rating out of 5 I've gotta make an exception and give it two ratings. I know crazy! But you'll understand. I am going to give it a 3.5 out of 5 for what it is. Although I'm going to give it a 2 out of 5 if it didn't have Christian Bale in it hahaha. I don't even consider myself a big fan of his especially recently but reading this over I sound like I'm in love. He's done some good stuff and this is one of his better performances. Also fun fact about this role was he did this right before he made Batman Begins.
It doesn't look like he got any taller??


  1. I just watched The Machinist... Bale's dedication to the movie is really impressive..

  2. Bale's just gorgeous!!!
    Definitely one of the best actors ever!!
    He can play any role of different genres! He puts his heart and soul in each of his characters and his dedication really deserves admiration! He's genious!!!
    All of his roles are unique due to his huge talent! Adore him!!!!