Heard all kinds of buzz around this French horror movie so the other day while cruising the library of Blockbuster Video it literally jumped off the shelf. You know those times when your in Blockbuster for way too long and you think all hope is gone and your just about to rent Caddyshack for the 20th time? Well I was having one of those days till Martyrs caught my attention and the light went on in my head "Hey, totally heard crazy things about this" and grabbed it instantly.
That's just what it looked like except had a crazy warning on the top about violence and disturbing scenes.
Hookey jeeze!

If you haven't heard of this movie.... Go rent it or buy it or download it just whatever you do to watch movies. It is a horror flick but not your typical cheese horror movie this has soo much substance and really leaves you thinking all kinds of weird stuff by the end of it. I mentioned that "violence warning" on the cover and this film definitely deserves it. Many graphic moments and it doesn't normally happen to me but even hours after watching this movie still made my stomach turn. If you can push through all the madness this movie offers you'll be impressed with the way they take it to the conclusion. Fairly fast paced and gets you hooked from the opener martyrs is for sure something I would watch again... Well haha maybe just talk about it again because some of the scenes were tough to watch. Although while I was watching it I was at the edge of my seat wondering what was coming up next.
I know... what the fuck??? WHAT THE FUCK!?

Great movie for anyone who can watch some graphic, abusive, nauseating, horrific,disturbing, repulsive, weird, displays of torture and revenge. And well if that's not really your cup of tea fast forward the first hour and twenty minutes and watch the sweet ending to this flick. haha. Sooooo rating time rating time out of 5 I am giving this movie a big 4. This just gave me so much I look for especially in a horror movie, it kept me guessing, made me nervous, grossed me out, and had a stellar finish. I don't normally expect horror movies to have such deep stories but this just still has me thinking days after viewing. Check it out!

"Martyrs are exceptional people. They survive pain, they survive total deprivation. They bear all the sins of the earth. They give themselves up. They transcend themselves... they are transfigured."

*Strange fact I watched this and Hellraiser the same day then found out the person who made Martyrs was slated to do a remake of Hellraiser... That is neat!


  1. French horror flicks have gained a reputation for being some of the most shockingly violent films in cinematic history. High Tension, Frontier(s), À l'intérieur, have all been deemed too graphic and most have been cut or banned from a lot of video store shelves. With that in mind, I will go ahead and say that Martyrs, a film so shocking in its brutality that it puts the others to shame.

    Please check out those movies! As well as Ils. SO GOOD.

  2. Yeah High Tension is on the list for sure been getting a lot of people telling me to watch it. I haven't heard of the other two but will definatly check them out
    thanks for the suggestions