Night of the Living Dead (1990).

"They're coming to get you, Barbara."

So I picked this up the other day all kinds of excited that I was going to be watching the original George A. Romero classic zombie flick. Little did I know special effects legend Tom Savini remade the movie in the early 90's. The reason I thought it was the original was because the cover had George's name on it and nothing about Savini. Weird. So this lead me to believe "ok here comes another shitty 90's remake." I'm not really into black and white movies but still have been aching to see the original version of this film but I thought I'll just suck it up and watch this and hey its in colour too!
Sweet spectacles and hair-doos steal the show.

All directorial disappointment aside this movie was actually pretty rad. Although I have yet to see the original I've heard this stays fairly true to its predecessor. With lots of zombie action right off the bat it takes you on a very common zombie eating roller-coaster. This movie does a great job displaying Savini's incredible make-up and effect skills. The zombies look great and some of the kills are classic. Also another thing this movie did for me was just amp me up even more to see the original. I would suggest zombie fans everywhere check this out even as background noise because it's not something you have to devote all your focus too. haha sorry Savini! The film is a remake of a classic so it's kind of hard to screw up with a much larger budget and amped up effects + colour! I would give this movie a 3 out of 5 and probably watch it again. So I do have some good stuff to say!
Warning: Don't be fooled by this cover!!

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